2019/21 WMMOA Season

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WMMOA Members of favorite assignments and favorite duty stations

Where was your most unforgettable military assignment memory ? That was the theme of WMMOA’s April Social Hour at the Westside Lanes on Friday 9 April 2021. 30 WMMOA members gathered for good food, good friends and good memories. Despite some technical problems with the projector it was a fun evening as we heard of experiences of Glaciers in Patagonia, service in Saudi Arabia and Alaska. Members talked about serving wounded warriors at Bethesda Hospital and tours of Vietnam. We heard tales of teaching Army pilots in Coastal Georgia and growing up as kids in Army and Air Force families.  We listen to lasting memories of travel to Northern Ireland during that uprising, and a somber Norwegian story of the scars of World War II. We were reminded that each of us has a story to tell and share experiences from around the world.

The 2021 WMMOA Banquet is on and will be held Saturday May 22nd with Social Hour beginning at 6pm and Program starting at 7pm. Cost $35/person with payment due NLT May 15th. For additional Information contact CAPT Mike Schauf (mschauf@att.net) 406-274-1911.


As our annual banquet draws near, some newer members or non-military guests may wonder why we members of WMMOA salute the flag, either during the Pledge of Allegiance or the posting of the Colors.

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2008, and as amended in 2009, clarified the law to allow veterans (and active-duty service members not in uniform) to render the hand salute during hoisting, lowering, or passing of the flag, including during the playing or singing of the National Anthem. This has been generally recognized as applying to any occasion, whether a parade, sporting event, or funeral, where honors are rendered to the national standard. 

Since this law was enacted, many veterans commented that they believed they had earned the right, as part of their service to the country, to salute the flag – and that right had never been rescinded.  Others pointed out the value for non-veterans at both indoor and outdoor events, who might see a veteran in civilian clothes saluting the flag to recognize the veterans among them.

While there are different standards among our services regarding saluting (covered or uncovered, indoors or out) our focus is on the provision of the law as it applies to veterans, not as it may apply to active-duty members not in uniform. RADM John Bepko, USN (retired) observed on a message board, that the issue of “covered or not covered” is misunderstood. “I have saluted,” the Admiral said, “and will always salute my flag – in uniform or out – covered or not. I, and all my fellow veterans, have earned that right.”

The bottom line? Just as there was never a prohibition against a veteran rendering a hand salute, neither does the change prohibit a veteran from choosing to place his/her hand over the heart. We have all earned the right to choose how we render honors to our National Standard.

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2019/21 WMMOA Season Handshake

We are glad to announce that we are back for a new season beginning in September.  Our Social Hour events will be each 2nd Friday of each month at Westside Lanes in Missoula from 6-8 with Presentations  and drinks and light dinner for $10.
Our WMMOA Luncheon meetings resume on Friday Sept 18th at 1130 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Missoula.  We will have formal presentations with a full lunch for $18.  Please note reservations are required as there is limited seating (50 max).
Please Note:  Western Montana Military Officers Assoc. is open to all Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and Former members of the United States Military Services.  If you have questions or wish to make a reservation please contact  CAPT Mike Schauf (mschauf@att.net).

2020/21 Calendar

Save the Date! May 22nd the return of the Annual WMMOA Banquet! 6pm with social hour starting at 5:30. Our Speaker will be UofM History Professor Mehrdad Kia presenting “Iran Past Present and Future”…Stay turned more information will follow

Save the Date! May 22nd the return of the Annual WMMOA Banquet! 6pm with social hour starting at 5:30. Our Speaker will be UofM History Professor Mehrdad Kia presenting “Iran Past Present and Future…Stay turned more information will follow